Hi, I'm Graham.


I'm a sophomore at Yale studying Computer Science and Film & Media Studies. I'm heavily involved in the arts scene on campus, performing jazz and theater, and love technology, problem-solving, and learning new things.

Born and raised in New York City, I'm currently located in Brooklyn, NY. Here's a bit about my education:

Yale University (2019-2023)


  • Events Director of Code Haven
  • Student Programming Officer of Yale Undergraduate Jazz Collective
  • Yale Jazz Ensemble
  • Teacher for Splash at Yale

Featured coursework:

  • CS 50: Introduction to Programming
  • CPSC 223: Data Structures and Programming Techniques
  • CPSC/MUSI 035: 21st Century Computer Music
  • FILM 411: The Films of Alfred Hitchcock
  • PHYS S101E: Movie Physics

Awards and Programs:

  • First-Year Summer Research Fellowship in the Sciences & Engineering
Berkeley Carroll School (2008-2019)


  • Student Body Co-President and Equity Council Member
  • Key Society Tour Guide and Ambassador
  • Jazz Ensemble and Combo
  • Four-Star Member of International Thespian Society
  • Math Team

Featured coursework:

  • Independent Study: Physics of Music: Engineering a Musical Instrument
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Advanced Latin IV
  • Will's World: Shakespeare

Awards and Programs:

  • Alisa F. Levin Award for Highest GPA (Valedictorian)
  • Scholar Performing Artist Award
  • Science, Research & Design Program


Product/Network Intern
@ Teamshares

I help build software for TeamsharesOS, our customor-facing product. I first gained hands-on experience in business development, operations, and strategy as a contributing member of the Network team. After proving my problem-solving skills and work ethic, I was moved to the Product team to work on software with a unique understanding of clients' needs.

Languages: Ruby, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Slim
Tools: Rails, git, Tailwind, Figma

Full Stack Developer
@ dcyphr

I helped create and maintain the website for Yale student-run startup dcyphr, which aims to make scientific papers and research more accessible by publicizing summaries and related resources. Responsibilities include implementing various user-friendly features (like, comment, and reply system, bookmarking tool) and debugging on both the front- and back-ends.

Languages: Python, HTML, CSS, Javascript

Research Assistant
@ Yale Interactive Machines Group

As a recipient of the Yale First-Year Summer Research Fellowship in the Sciences & Engineering, I worked on a human-computer interaction/artificial intelligence project with Professor Marynel Vázquez culminating in a paper submitted to HAI 2020 and CHI 2021. Work included UI and UX design, creating and supervising an online study, data analysis, and writing papers.

Languages: Python, HTML, CSS
Tools: JMP, Amazon Mechanical Turk, Qualtrics

Pierson Aide
@ Pierson College, Yale University

I help create and perpetuate a strong sense of community within Pierson, one of Yale's 14 residential colleges. I work closely with the Head of College and his administrative staff in the college office and helped run college-sponsored events, such as visiting speakers, trips, and study breaks.

Media Technician
@ Yale Student Technology Collaborative

I assisted with the distribution and upkeep of media technology (cameras, microphones, accessories) for students on campus.

@ Ample Hills Creamery

I opened, closed, and staffed a busy shop, interacting with customers (mainly tourists) and scooping the best ice cream in Brooklyn. I developed great customer service and teamwork skills, as well as a sweet tooth.


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